Top 8 Things Not to Purchase on Black Friday Sales

The Black Friday sales are coming soon but not every Black Friday deal is worthy of your money! Read this article and discover the top 8 things not to purchase on November 24.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and you know what that means - The Black Friday sales are coming soon! Lots of discounts and promotions are waiting for your, however, not every Black Friday deal is worthy of your money! In order to help you decide what is a great deal for you and what’s not, we are going to list the top 8 things you shouldn’t purchase on November 24.

1. Tools - If you are planning on purchasing new tools for you or for a handyperson in your life, make sure to hold off those place until December. Even though Black Friday is known for huge discounts and sales, in December, you can expect even more deals on wrenches, hammers, drills, and etc.

2. IPhones - We know that you want a new iPhone so badly, but purchasing one on Black Friday is not the best idea! There are going to be some stores that will offer gift cards when purchasing the new iPhone 8 at a full price, but keep in mind that you can’t count on a huge discount and get one for below of $699. The prices for iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus will be even more expensive. So, instead of purchasing an iPhone on November 24, wait until December when you can get a new-model iPhone.

3. Jewelry - Another thing you shouldn’t purchase on Black Friday. You need to wait until January and make your jewelry purchase or wait until Valentine’s Day when there are going to be so many discounts!

  • 4. Fitness Equipment - On Black Friday a few fitness deals will surely pop up, but don’t expect sellers to flex their muscles and give you huge discounts until after the New Year. Stores know that many people want to get in shape before New Year so once the clock turns to 2018, you can expect pretty amazing deals that fit your high expectations.

    5. Black Friday Models - Black Friday is getting bigger and more popular with each passing year meaning it is become more common to see new products, especially electronics that is sold at a sale price. The thing is that these products were never sold before, so how can they on a half price? These products are known as Black Friday models and if you want to buy one, make sure to check out all the details first before you decide to make a purchase.


    6. 1080p TVs - According to a research, we can expect the 4K TV prices to be lower this year. As a matter of fact, they will come close to the price for 1080P TVs. So, if you are looking to buy a new TV this Black Friday, our recommendation is to skip the 1080p deals and choose the 4K sets instead.

      7. High-End Laptops - Embrace yourself as Black Friday ads will be filled with deals on sales and mainstream laptops. But, keep in mind that there will be far fewer prices for high-performance devices. Our recommendation is to shop for laptops with faster processors and sporting superior graphics during September when they will be cheaper.

    8. Holiday Decorations - The holiday decorations are cheaper when the holidays are over. There is only one exception and that is Target. They offer 50% off holiday decorations of 100$ or more. The discount is on Saturday, after Thanksgiving.

    Are there other products you avoid purchasing on Black Friday? Share with us!