Amazon Did It Again – What Kind of Black Friday Deals Can We Expect In 2017

Kind of Black Friday Deals

The deals that companies offer on black Friday seem to get better and better every year, and that is no surprise considering how big black Friday itself has become. Since it’s still a bit early and Amazon hasn’t released their black Friday deals ads yet, we figured we would go back a year and show you what the company offered last year as a way to predict what you should expect from them this year. So, if you are interested in some of the best deals that Amazon offered its customers last year, keep reading.


Black Friday is mostly known for its incredible deals on electronic devices which is why most people love it so much, since after all, who doesn’t like a new, heavily discounted, TV? Last year, Amazon announced that it would offer its lowest prices yet on select Samsung, Sony and LG TV’s. For example, LG’s 55-inch smart OLED TV has a 33% discount. Kindle lover had access to a great $20 discount on select Kindle e-readers, including the Kindle Paperwhite. Amazon also included a $40 discount on their own Amazon Echo and Amazon Tap devices.

Apparel and toys

The apparel deals were great overall, but something that really caught our eye was the incredible deals you could get on jackets and coats. Namely, Amazon had a 70% off black Friday deal on all different types and brands of jackets and coats, which is an amazing thing considering the time of year in which black Friday happens. If you are someone that is interested in starting your Christmas shopping early  this year, then based on last year’s offers on Amazon, we are pretty sure that you can expect some great deals this black Friday as well. Last year different types of Disney toys were discounted up to 60%, and on top of that, there was a 60% discount on Disney apparel and other Disney merchandise as well.

Special deals

Anyone that’s ever shopped on Amazon knows that they offer pretty much every kind of product available under the sun, and this is a great thing because it means that they will most likely have some great black Friday deals for all of them. If you are an Amazon prime member, then you will probably be able to get lots of perks, since last year, those members had access to some bonus perks like early access to discounts. If you are someone that uses Amazon’s voice service, Alexa, when shopping, then good news- this is also something that got shoppers exclusive deals last black Friday.

As you can see, Amazon was not short on deals last black Friday and if that is any indication, then this year shouldn’t be any different. Just make sure to keep your eye out for the deals once the ads come out and make sure to be there on black Friday the second the sales start.


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